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For Our Existing Clients

We’ll make sure your website is always updated and fully functional, as well as offering you premium support on an ongoing basis.

Would You Like More Help & Support With Your Website?

Are you using your website to the best of its ability?

Maybe you would have liked more support and maybe you feel like you’re not using your website to the best of its ability.

In years gone by, we actually used to offer our clients an ongoing website maintenace plan. But the uptake wasn’t great and most clients preferred to just call on us when needed.

And that was fine back then for 2 reasons.

One, after the WordPress website had been built, it USED to be pretty much set it and forget it. And two, businesses in years gone by didn’t place the same importance on their business website as nowadays. In todays world, your customers first port of call when learning more about your business is to visit your website or Google Profile.

So obviously times have changed but also the WordPress software that your website is built on has also changed dramatically.

In recent months we have seen issues with contact forms not working, Stripe payments not working, business email not working, images not displaying, and even one website being hacked.

Why? Simply because regular updates are not being performed on the theme, plugins and core WordPress software.

Whose fault is this? Well to be honest, its not yours and its not ours.

It’s not your fault because, while we generally show clients how to update their website, it’s no longer realistic to expect you to manage this on a regular basis. And it’s not our fault because, well to put it simply, we’re not getting paid to do it!

So what’s the solution?

We are now offering a monthly/annual plan to support you. And while we’ll be calling it a ‘Maintenance Plan’ we want it to be more than that. We want to provide you with the type of support that enables you to be much more proactive in using your website as a way to attract new customers.

While a large part of the plan is focused on keeping your WordPress software up-to-date, secure, and functional, we are also including support hours that will give you access to us to help you make edits, create special offers, add new pages, add blog content, receive training, help with local search results and more.

So instead of not taking action because you’re overwhelmed on how to do something, or wondering if I ask Joe to do this how much will he charge me, you’ll be able to call on us any time. And to add to this, we’ll also be proactive in making recommendations that will help grow your business online.

So what do you do now?

First visit the below link to learn all about the value-packed, affordable plan we’ve put together for you.

Then, if you want to avail of it, drop me an email and we’ll set up an initial call to talk through your goals and expectations.

Visit ……

PS Of course this plan is optional and not for everyone. But if you really do want to use your website to grow your business and want our help and expertise on an ongoing basis, then we highly recommend you consider it.

Advantages Of WordPress

WordPress has been for a long time now very popular with business owners as a platform for building their own websites. And once setup & built correctly WordPress has a relatively easy CMS (content management system) which makes it easy for business owners to publish new pages to their website & update existing services or pages as needed.

Quick & Easy

From a store owners view, you’ll find it very easy to manage your new shopify store. From adding new products to editing existing ones, or even easily apply price changes or adjusting stock levels.


You will have access to Shopify’s very own app store, which has many functionalities that you can easily add to your store. You’ll find everything from reviews, loyalty programmes, customer wishlists, and many marketing apps.

Mobile Responsive

From a store owners view, you’ll find it very easy to manage your new shopify store. From adding new products to editing existing ones, or even easily apply price changes or adjusting stock levels.

Our WordPress Brochure Package

At Kickstart Web Design we’ve put together a WordPress package that is ideal for businesses to get themselves online. Use this package to help showcase your business and the wonderful services you provide.

Package Includes:

1 Year Domain Name Registration

WordPress Installation & Configuration

Premium Theme

Design or Redesign of up to 15 Pages

On Page SEO (search engine optimisation)

Accept Payments Online

Any Social Media Integration

Contact / Enquiry Forms

Complete GDPR Compliance

Anti-Spam Filter

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other website requirements or questions, and we’d be only glad to chat.

WordPress Design Process

Here at Kickstart Web Design we’ve taken the hassle out of getting you up and running with your very own business website. Let potential customers browse your products & services 24/7. Below you’ll find a quick overview of our business brochure website design process.

New Website Launch

1. Brief

Tell us about your brand, your services, your business goals & any other information you want to get across to your current & new potential customers.

New Website Launch

2. Design

We’ll design your new wordpress website to match your branding, your  business goals & your requested requirements

New Website Launch

3. Build / Development

Once your happy with the look & feel of your new business website, we’ll get to work completing the build.

New Website Launch

4. The Launch

Within a very short time, your brand new website will be up & running ready to help you promote your business.

How Can We Help You?

Potential customers are searching every single day for products or services your local business offers. Fill out the below contact form to kickstart the process of getting your business showing up in local search results with a beautiful, mobile-friendly website. We’ll get back to you right away.